Fern Weddings

FERN Weddings
Season after season, our priority is always our brides. We book a limited number of weddings each year, allowing us to give our full creative energy to each bride. Inspired by fine art and our client’s sensibilities, we take pen to paper to conceptualize a custom design, considering the most monumental to the smallest of details.
When you work with us, our entire team is yours.  On your wedding day, we are among the first to arrive and last to leave, turning plans and pictures into the tangible and transformative. Once on site, we set to work, meticulously layering flower and foliage to construct ethereal, large-scale masterpieces and hand-styled, stunning tablescapes.
We thrive off statement pieces and prioritize our client’s budget to achieve a presentation worthy of the pages of any editorial or your favorite wedding blog (in which many of our designs appear).  It’s true, we’ve been known to befriend a welder or two and have never seen someone rig a pulley system better than our founder and creative director, Sarah.
We can dream it. And we can bring it to life.

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