Medium Wavy Compote Arrangement

Medium Wavy Compote Arrangement

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Our ceramic pot featuring a ridged design is perfect for a smaller table centerpiece or a large coffee table in our signature cream compote.  

 Container size is 5x5 


Seasonal Palette: Give the color choice to the floral designer who will create a beautiful arrangement in whatever palette speaks to them.

Soft Watercolors: Designer will lean the palette of the arrangement light, soft, and do their best to keep it delicate.

Bright & Cheery: If you love your flowers bright and colorful choose this option and the designer will keep it fun and cheerful. 

Neutral & Greens: We will keep this arrangement in as close to a white, cream and blush palette as possible. 

Rich & Moody: Mostly available during the fall, this color palette will feature bold color blooms with fall foliage.